Flying Fish
2009, the fish do not swim it flies over water.
By moving the aquarium to its context, I suggest another possibility, another relation to our environment, an overlay for the unique vision and our fish.
Long long time ago, I was in deepest place in the ocean. It was almost no light because there was so deep. And also it was so cold.I was alone all the time, since I was there. I never spoke with someone. Even I didn’t know which language I speak. I just was feeling that I am being there and live. I never had family, friend every such kind of things. I was afraid, sorrow and empty everyday and all the time.  One day I saw a big big biiig fish.And he opened his mouth then he ate me. And this happen makes me so happy, because now I know that I was a small small fish.Even I didn’t know that who I am.