Ha Noi Garden
Paris-Hanoi-Pari, L’Espace, Hanoi.
2007, ceramic, 9 grain of fruits.
The hope that in the future it continues to produce much fruits.
I put the seeds of the fruit which I ate in Vietnam into the ground for these fruits continue to grow again.

From: «DTC» <P.T.T.T@espace-ccfhanoi.org>
Date: October 26, 2007 08:12:44 CEST
Excerpt from an email after exposure.
... The exhibition is dismantled today. I got the fruits. A watermelon seed was pushed even without being watered. my husband and I, we’ll keep the fruit as we said the other day? I intend to give people in l’espace, and it remains in our office and people can continue to plant if they want,