Little Fukushima, 2012
ceramic, paper, watercolors, color pencil, lego, photo, drawing book, dimentionvariable, cites international des arts Paris, Little Fukushima
Colette Lieng Maximus & White Vilmouth
Fukushima's children can not breathe normally air from outside, they spend time in their house the most of the time.
Their parents talk a lot about Fukushimadaïichi at homes, we can see about Fukushimadaïichi a lot on TV also ,
These children started to influenced by this information,
one day, the parents notice that children also work on this subject,
They build in LEGO Fukushimadaïichi, or draws Fukushimadaïichi ..
Today they ask, “Could I be an adult?”
I made a workshop with children from paris, by studying what FukushimaDaïïchi is.