Minority Rain
2007, Paris-Hanoi-Paris, L’Espace, Hanoi
customized umbrella, customized 25 bulbs
People say the «minority» at Sapa in Vietnam no longer live as before, like it was the great misery. Sometimes they live with shower, TV and some other electrical products.
like something is wrong with a family watches television as a common story «Journey to the West».
before you go to bed for the night, May the minority Hmong dressed simply with just T-shirt and shorts, she was transformed ... And she became like «my friend» from Tokyo and I was happy. And when she washed her hair, she became very beautiful.
It rained often, and she even has to walk under heavy rain, and when it was beautiful the sun is very strong. The sun isn’t good for the skin, it ignited the faces, so all the «minorities» are own umbrella. It is a very useful tool, which comes from China (made in China) The umbrella is necessitated for minorities.
I tried to produce a new umbrella design that is more beautiful than «that.»