2010, Black Balloons, customized black skirt, seven womans
Les noubas d'ici, La Bellevilloise, Paris.
Duration of the performance variable.
This performance is made with a sort of long common dress for seven womans from different backgrounds, each woman has a own skirt with different model, and these each skirt connect to the other.
23 balloons rise following the choreograph, sometimes big black dress revealing, the time this scene gives a magical appearance, like a dream always in motion capture and bring into a sort of trip with never end...

make-up Aya Watanabe
hair Yohei Nerome
modelist Hiromi Fujimoto
manager (assistant) Yosuke Araki
Bérangère Pétrault Akiko Okumura Mariko Clara Marsal Paquita Rieko Shimauchi Keiko Hamonet
Photo / Reiko Nonaka and Luc Hespel