100 years, 2013
silver photograph, silver print variable format, Ex-japan bank in Hiroshima French Institute in Kyoto
Take100 or (101) portraits of the inhabitants of Hiroshima to meet and talk with them, make an archive of a century .. After 68 years history to be continued.
One thing sure is with the time there is more and more countries will have nuclear weapons. The first countries was the United States, then the ex-Soviet Union, England, France, China, India, Pakistan. Then, Israel, and North Korea finally said that be with.
Today many countries have the atomic bomb on their territory, and continue to making.
if we have such weapons, there is a risk that we use one day.
I made a series of 100 photographic portraits of people in Hiroshima aged 0 to 100 years, and interviewing people photographed but also their entourages ...
i was interested to know more details around this event, if there has some influence until today or if daily life changed because of that, will it influence the future.
The effect of the atomic bomb remains the same 68 years later, so it will continue for our future.